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T-Shirts for Shorter Guys

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Designed For the Shorter Man

Millions of men are under 5'10" in the U.S.  If you are one of these men and share in the struggle of finding clothes that fit, then our mission is to serve you.

We designed the most comfortable t-shirt, all while enabling our customers to choose from multiple lengths.  

If you're looking for premium shirts, a perfect fit, and customizable lengths, then we've got you covered.


These shirts are extremely comfortable.  I can't wait for more!

Nick R., NYC

Wow!  Thank you.  I appreciate the great customer service.  I'm always happy to shop a business that takes care of its customers.  

Dan F., WA

Finally someone that lets me choose by length.   Keep it up.

Kyle L., TX

Extremely comfortable shirt!  I wear it all the time.

David H., TX

Love the shirt. Extremely comfortable and a great fit. 

Dan F., WA

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